Absolute Returns Fund

Quick facts

Returns Target

12%+ Annual Returns

Asset Type

Publicly Traded Securities

Minimum Subscription



Daily; No Lock Up Period; 5% Charge First Year

Management Fee

2% NAV

Performance Fee

20%, Subject To High-Water Mark

Front-end Load


Why choose Cleartrust

Cleartrust Absolute Returns Fund (ARF) seeks to meet the needs of investors who are interested in generating absolute returns (i.e. relative to cash) as they are in generating relative returns (i.e. relative to stock market indices).

ARF was established in 2023 for Reg D and Reg S investors, and is the continuation of Cleartrust Performance Trading Fund (PTF).

Investment objective

The Fund’s investment objective focuses on generating consistent and repeatable returns independently of the market fluctuations.

The fund targets annual returns of 12% or more, in the range of 3.00%+ per quarter.


ARF is issued and administrated by Cleartrust, it is a private absolute return fund available to US accredited investors under Regulation D 506(c) and to Non-US persons under Regulation S.

ARF has no lockup periods, and provides daily liquidity. The fund is designed for long term holding, short-term withdrawals may affect the withdrawal price.
The fund is structured to be a pass-through entity for US investors, and with proper guidance from your tax advisor, it may have no withholding tax for non-US persons.

Portfolio Composition

The target portfolio is designed around securities of large and mid-cap companies across 23 Developed Markets (DM) countries, focusing primarily on North American stocks.

Offers broad securities representing of the target sector across large-, medium-, and small-cap companies.

Offers high potential for investment growth with the perspective of generating absolute returns.

More appropriate for long-term goals where capital growth is essential.

Indicative Sector Allocation

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