Steadfast Property Development Fund

Quick facts


Zoning and Planned Development

Asset Type



Sun Belt


Paid per project roll over, after first two years every month


7-9 years

Acquisition Fee


Management Fee


Disposition Fee


Waterfall Fee

Carried interest is paid first to investors



401% (+)


Why Invest in SPDF?

Venture capital like returns without the risk of venture capital

Possibility of high returns in short timeframes

Investment secured by land (tangible assets)

Lower correlation to the stock market

Pass-through tax structure and High Dividend Payout

Total Return Projection

Equity Multiple

2X to 3X


3 Years

Our Strategy

Isolation of Risk

SPDF will limit the project center only to rezoning or planned development of property.

Rapid Equity growth

With each project completion, SPDF will sell the property and collect the profits.

Project Roll Over

As projects are purchased, developed and sold (rolled over), SPDF will pay out a dividend to the investors.

Monthly Dividend

SPDF after completion of the first project may pay dividends monthly.


This investment has the potential of providing a jumpstart multiple to the generation of wealth and making money work for the investor.

Closed-end Fund

SPDF urges you to reserve your spot as they will go fast and the fund will close once all spots have been filled and there is no plan of any successive funds.

Investment Objective

The fund will find land and property in highly sought after locations which require zoning or a development plan where once completed, the property will have an exponential growth in value.

With each project completion, SPDF will sell the property and collect profits. These projects will in general take 18 to 24 months and do not involve any building or breaking ground.

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