Healthcare Private Equity Partners

Quick facts


Investment in promising healthcare services and innovations across the U.S.

Asset Type

Equity in Healthcare Startups and Services




Paid Upon Positive Liquidity Event


5 years

Management Fee


Waterfall Fee


Why Invest in HealthcarePE?


Across various healthcare sectors, including telehealth, specialty clinics and service centers, medical transportation, health tech, and more.

Professional Management

Vetting of investment opportunities by a seasoned team with deep industry insights.

Transparent Fee Structure

 With alignment of interest and an annual dividend distribution to investors.

Opportunity to Participate

In the growth stages of innovative healthcare services and technologies.

Exposure to Emerging Trends

In healthcare, tapping into areas like digital health, preventive care, and more.

Opportunity for Substantial Capital Growth

Via strategic exits or mergers, complemented by a distinctive dividend strategy.

Investment Objective

Healthcare Private Equity Fund is dedicated to identifying and nurturing potential in healthcare services and innovations across the U.S. The fund's primary objective is to invest in areas of healthcare that present the best opportunities for growth and innovation, catering to the diverse needs of the U.S. population.

By leveraging its expertise, HealthcarePE aims to amplify the growth potential of these services and offers its investors the prospect of private equity-like returns. This approach, combined with a diversified investment strategy, positions the fund to maximize returns while mitigating risks.

Total Return Projection

Target IRR

25% Annual


7 Years

Core Stratagem

Diversified Portfolio

HealthcarePE invests in a range of healthcare services and innovations, ensuring risk is spread out. Recognizing the highly fragmented nature of the healthcare services industry, the fund also sees significant potential in the roll-up and growth through acquisitions.

Hands-on Approach

Our team works closely with the services, providing mentorship and resources. Their deep industry knowledge and connections are instrumental in identifying acquisition opportunities in fragmented sectors.

Exit Strategy

Aim to exit investments through strategic sales, mergers, or consolidations within 7-10 years, capitalizing on the value created through strategic acquisitions and growth.

Regular Updates

Quarterly updates and annual reports keep investors informed.

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