RE Amplified

Quick facts


Real Estate Construction Projects

Asset Type

Real Estate (Commercial, Residential, Industrial)


Sun Belt, USA


2 to 3 years, depending on the construction project

Management Fee


Acquisition Fee


Disposition Fee


Waterfall Fee

20% (Carried interest is paid first to investors)

Why Invest in RE Amplified?

Tailored Investments

The cherry-picking advantage allows investors to align their investments with their personal and financial goals.

Competitive Returns

With target IRRs between 15% to 25%, the fund offers attractive returns in the real estate sector.

Reduced Risk

The fund's strategy of focusing on the construction phase minimizes prolonged market risks.

Geographical Advantage

Investing in the Sun Belt region offers exposure to one of the fastest-growing regions in the US.


With opportunities in commercial, residential, and industrial properties, investors benefit from a diversified investment portfolio.

Core Stratagem

Focused Investment

Concentrating on shovel-ready projects allows for a streamlined and efficient investment process.

Risk Management

By isolating risks to the construction phase, the fund minimizes prolonged market exposure.

Customized Portfolio

The cherry-picking advantage ensures that investors can tailor their portfolios to their preferences, investing in projects they believe in.

Rapid Asset Growth

The quick turnaround strategy aims to provide accelerated asset growth and returns to investors.

Total Return Projection

Target IRR

15% to 25%


2 to 3 years, depending on the construction project

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