US Large & Mid Corporate Bonds

Quick facts

Yield (Series)

8.42% (A-1) / 7.15% (A-2)
7.64% (B-1) / 7.00% (B-2)

Asset Type

Publicly Traded Securities


Annual / Reinvestment plan available


3 or 5 Years

Minimum Subscription

$150,000 USD

Nominal Price

$1,000 USD

Subscription Charge


Sector Bonds

Sector Bonds are fixed income securities issued by Cleartrust DST. The bonds are backed by portfolios of income generating assets and securities of leading companies in the target sector.

Sector Bonds have an efficient tax structure, effectively providing flow-through income with meaningful principal coverage, and with proper guidance from your tax advisor, it may have no withholding tax for international investors.

Total Return Projection
(With Reinvestment)

5 years (A-1) - 42.09%

3 years (B-1) - 22.93%

Implied Annual Yields (Series)

Backed By High-Quality Assets

The Bond is backed by a portfolio of high-quality securities (including equities, derivatives, and a range of asset backed securities, debentures, receivables, notes and other fixed income securities), usually of large and medium sized companies, which provide a solid stream of cashflow as well as a guarantee to protect the principal’s repayment.

Indicative Sector Allocation

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